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Travel with Peace of Mind

Zip It Gear offers the ultimate in passport and valuables security when you’re on the go. We are avid adventurists and world travelers. We are always looking to explore new cultures, meet great people and to create memories and stories to fill our life’s book. When we leave home we leave some of that comfort behind us. With our best intentions in front of us, sometimes nasty pickpockets or accidental loss throws an unwelcomed and totally avoidable curve-ball in our journey.

Enter Pocket Socks® by Zip It Gear® A comfortable and subtle solution to secure your passport, mounds of cash, credit cards, keys and other valuables so that you can focus on what matters most.

Worry Less. Explore More.

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Smart Sock Construction

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Innovative Travel Security


Bamboo yarn keeps feet warm In the cold and cool in the heat

No Stink

Odor free properties of bamboo means no more stinky socks, even after consecutive days wear

Kitchen Sink

4-way stretch pocket holds passports, cash, keys and anything else you need to conceal

Stay Dry

Pulls sweat & moisture away from your feet throughout the day


Nylon Zipper does not set off airport metal detectors

Easy Care

Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry Low, Don’t Bleach
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What Other Explorers Say

My order arrived today in plenty of time, and the merchandise is great! I will be sure to let my friends know about your product line and great, accommodating service.

Linda B.Winston-Salem, NC

What a great experience! I called Zip It Gear and they took my order over the phone, got it out the door right away and it came in two days time. I am very happy with the customer service and of course, my Pocket Socks!

Victoria S.San Diego, CA

I love these socks. We hid an extra credit card in there for our overseas travel.

Debra O.Brisbane, Queensland, Australia